callisto electronics Ltd. offers the following production related services to you :

  • Production of any kind of modules or finished products, whether it is OEM based or we develop the product for you and take care of all the production needs
  • We can add services around the electronics, like cable, any kind of plastic parts, punched metal parts, etc.
  • Small or big quantities are welcome
  • Components supplied by you or we take care of the whole process
  • Full inspection of finished goods according to DIN/MIL standard before shipment

Please send us your BOM, schematic drawing, PCB layout, information about required tests, estimated quantity, packing, etc., so that we can provide you with a detailed quotation.

For inquiries please contact us via e-mail.

Through hole components SMD
Mixed PCBA
Mixed assembling COB & heat seal attachment
  • new technologies can be added on demand
Our guarantee
Callisto electronics Ltd. guarantees, that all goods will leave the factory in a quality according to your or our own specification. This will be ensured due to our tight material and production control.

Please see the following pages for samples of PCB assemblies and other products out of our running production.