Li-Ion battery chargers

Callisto Electronics Ltd. has designed a flexible charger module for Li-Ion battery packs with 1-4 cells whereas charging voltage and current can be easily adjusted. Thes charger module can be provided for integration into your own products or we can provide finished charger including housing, power cord and other necessary interface elements.

These modules and finished chargers can be adopted to a wide range of requirements (module size, charging current, number of cells per pack, different temperature sensors, housing size, colour, etc.).

A simple mains power charger is now available, please refer to the specification below.

Please find below a summary of the different models currently available. The model number provides a link to the full datasheet.

Specifications of advanced Li-Ion battery modules and charger
Number of cells 1-4, customer settable 3-4
Fast charging current (Ifast) 0 ... 2A, standard 1A 2A, standard
Cell voltage 4.0 ... 4.4V 4.2V
Timer adjustable pre-charge, fast charge yes
Pre-charge current 1/20 * Ifast N.A
Pre-charge voltage threshold 2.5V N.A
Charging temperature window [ºC] optional, 0 – 40ºC recommended no temperature sensor
Input voltage DC min. 1.1 x VBAT Universal mains, 100 ... 240VAC
Dimenions [mm] 50.5 x 17.5 x 9mm (PCBA) 120x60x38mm (LxWxH)
Features * Stand-Alone Charger for Up to Four Li+ Cells, user selectable
* ±0.8% Accurate Battery Regulation Voltage
* Low Dropout: 98% Duty Cycle
* Safely Precharges Near-Dead Cells
* Continuous Voltage and Temperature Monitoring
* <1µA Shutdown Battery Current
* Input Voltage Up to +28V
* Safety Timer Prevents Overcharging
* 300kHz PWM Oscillator Reduces Noise
* 90+% Conversion Efficiency
* Stand-Alone Charger for Up to 3/4 Li+ Cells
* ±0.8% Accurate Battery Regulation Voltage
* Continuous Voltage Monitoring
* Universal mains input
* Safety Timer Prevents Overcharging
* >75% Conversion Efficiency at full load
Options temperature monitoring, LED status indicator

power cord for different regions

All charger can be adapted to your requirements, please send your requirements via e-mail.