Li-Polymere batteries / packs

Li-Polymere batteries have a set of features which makes them very suitable for a very wide range of portable equipment of any kind.

  • high energy density, especially respective to weight, reaching 140-180Wh/kg, even higher than Li-Ion
  • high cell voltage of 3.7V, which is equal to 3 NiCd/NiMH cells
  • no memory effect
  • fast chargeable at up to 1C resulting in 2h charge, whereas 80% of the capacity will be charged during the first hour
  • high discharge currents of up to 2C
  • pollution free, no use of heavy metals like lead, cadmium or mercury
  • Lithium is not used in metal form and therefore does not have any restrictions for air transportation
  • low self discharge
  • life time of around 500 charge/discharge cycles
  • various geometrical shapes possible, custom design easy to realize

Callisto electronics Ltd. is determined to bring this technology to a wider range of applications and can provide the necessary support for selecting the right size for your application, provide the necessary protection circuit and can assemble the batteries to a complete pack with protection module, housing, etc.. Please find here our Li-Ion design form which will help us to provide you with the best possible support.

 Nominal Voltage 3.7V
 Charging CC - CV 4.2V
 Standard charge current (8hrs) 0.2 C *
 Fast charge current (2hrs) 1 C *
 Charge temperature range 0 - 45 °C
 Discharge temperature range -20 - 60 °C
 Storage temperature range -20 - 45 °C
C is the capacity related current, e.g. charging with 0.2C of a 600mAh battery means charging with 120mA.
Li-Polymere battery overview
263020 110 2.6 x 20.2 x 30.5 3
302030 130 3.0 x 20.2 x 30.5 3
053040 600 5.2 x 30.5 x 40.8 15
503440 650 5.0 x 30 x 40.5 14
053759 1000 5.0 x 37 x 59.8 20
046095 2200 4.0 x 60 x 95 47
385590 2000 3.8 x 55.5 x 90.5 43
465585 2200 4.6 x 54.5 x 85.5 42
685060 2000 6.8 x 50 x 61 41
  HR - high discharge rate
Dimensional tolerances Thickness 0.3mm Width 0.5mm Height 1mm
Generic dimensional drawing can be found here.

Please refer to the following link to find the information about the available protection modules you need for all Li-Plymere batteries.

We will post specifications of more sizes soon. Please return to this page often.

If you can not find the size/capacity you are looking for, please send us a short message by e-mail. We can design the size/geometry of battery you need.