Li-Ion protection modules

Li-Ion batteries have become safer to use over the past years and don't show safety issues anymore, but almost all manufacturers require an additional protection measure. This is usually achieved by adding a small PCB assembly which provides the following protective functions:

  • overcurrent/short circuit
  • overcharge (battery will be cut off from charger if voltage exceeds certain levels)
  • overdischarge (battery will be cut off from load if voltage drops below a certain level)
  • optional overtemperature

Callisto electronics Ltd. has develop a number of different modules to cover a wide range of possible variations of single Li-Ion batteries as well as 2-4 cell Li-Ion battery packs.

1 cell 7210
CT-1S1PS   NP80 - for cylindrical Li-Ion cells
2 cells ENEL3 PBLZ7
3 cells LPS351 ( NEW ) LPA415
LPA422 LPU411 (NEW) LPU412 (NEW)
4 cells LPA415 LPU411 (NEW) LPU412 (NEW)
5-10 cells LPU1030 ( NEW )
Gas gauge LPG475 LPG465 ( NEW )  


Number of cells Solution
1 use one CT-1S1PS or any other single cell module
2 ENEL3 or PBLZ7 or use any single cell module for each cell, connect two packs in series
3 use LPU410/1/2 or LPA422/415 set to 3 cell operation or LPS351
4 use LPU410/1/2 or LPA422/415 set to 4 cell operation
5-10 use LPU1030, set to the correct cell number, programmable to suit a wide range of battery packs and applications

Callisto electronics Ltd. can tailor the existing modules to your special needs, like adjusting the maximum charge/discharge currents, delay times for the overcurrent protection, shape and size of the module itself, etc..

Please refer to the following link to find the information about the available Li-Ion cells as well as Li-Polymere versions.

Let us know your specification by sending an e-mail to our sales department so that we can prepare an offer for you.