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The fiscal year 2013/14 was the best ever in the history of callisto electronics with increased sales of 29% compared to the previous year.

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All SMD PCBA are checked now with our new Automatic Optical Inspection systems

AOI system

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Added LPG465 Li-Ion protection module with LED specifications


This new module has the same footprint and functionality as the LPG465 but adds charge state indicators (LED). Please find the specifications of the LPG465 here.

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Our continued grow required to change once more to a new, larger office, which is now owned not leased. Please note our new address.

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Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the foundation of Callisto Electronics. Thank you to all of our valued customers and suppliers for for their continued support.

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Added LPU411 and LPU412 Li-Ion protection module specifications


LPU411 replacing our LPU410A module in the same footprint and the LPU412 with a higher current but still the same footprint (total thickness is larger). Please find more information about the LPU411 and LPU412 here.

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Added LPU1030 Li-Ion protection module specifications, the first of our protection modules supporting 5-10 cell Li-Ion battery packs.

  Please find more information about the LPU1030 here.
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Updated Li-Ion protection module specifications

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Our website has been updated with a new layout and better navigation


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New Li-Ion Battery protection module with cell balancing available (14.05.2007)

  Please find more information about our LPS351 Li-Ion protection module here.
We have moved to a new, larger office, please note our new address above

New high current Li-Ion Battery protection module available (24.01.2006)

  Please find more information about our LPA415 Li-Ion protection module here.

New Li-Ion Battery charger available (22.11.2005)

  Please find more information about our LCM413 universal Li-Ion charger module.

New Li-Polymere Batteries added (25.09.2005)

  Updated list of Li-Polymere batteries.

New 3 and 4 cell Li-Ion Protection Module with cell balancing (07.01.2005)

  Please find more information about our LPA422 protection module.

New Li-Ion Protection Modules (27.06.2004)

  More Li-Ion and Li-Polymere protection modules added.

New Li-Polymere Batteries added (25.12.2003)

  Li-Polymere batteries are available in a variety of sizes and capacities (120-6000mAh).


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