callisto electronics Ltd. offers the following services :

      Product Development
We can develop a wide range of electronic modules/products for you and take care of your production requirements. There are different scenarios possible.
  • You have an idea.
    • We will support you from the first specification untill the final production.
  • You have already a clear written specification.
    • We will take care of the all stages of the development process as well as production.
  • You have a more or less finished design.
    • We can revise the design for cost reduction and manufacturability in Asia.
      Inspection/Quality Control
If you already buy from Asia and want to play safe, we can ensure that the quality of the products shipped to you is according to your standard. We can carry out the inspection of your goods according to your test instructions and deliver a report to you.
We have long term experience in the field of PCB assembling as well as batteries/battery packs.
If you want start doing business here in Asia, we can give you helpful support to do it right the first time.

For inquiries please contact us via E-mail.