SLA batteries

SLA batteries features a high capacity in a compact size and allows high discharge currents due to their low internal resistance.

Main applications including emergency lighting, high power torches, motor driven equipment (lawn mover, wheelchairs, etc.) as well as back-up power supplies.

The batteries are produced in a ISO9001 certified production facility and almost all models carry the UL as well as CE approval. Selected models are certified according the VdS guidlines of Germany.


* with VdS approval

Rated capacity is based on standard IEC condition with a 20h charge and 0.2C discharge current to 1.75V/cell, e.g. the 6V models have 3 cells, therefore the discharge cut off voltage is 5.25V.

If you can not find the size/capacity you are looking for, please send us a short message by e-mail.